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Working for peace and understanding

We highlight ongoing initiatives by the government, civil society, and the private sector that are aligned to the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism. This offers opportunities for national, regional, and global stakeholders to network and advertise their efforts contributing to peace, security, freedom of religion, and pluralism.

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Our Aim

To highlight the preventive work being undertaken by national, regional, and global actors in Kenya and to be a resource to a global community of practice in the prevention of violent extremism conducive to terrorism.

Our Responsibilities

To support the development of partnerships among all relevant actors within Kenya, and across all sectors of society, including government; civil society; the private sector; and bilateral, international, and multilateral stakeholders.

Our Roles

To strengthen coordination of national, regional, and international CVE efforts in Kenya to deliver alignment and the participation of citizens and groups in addressing the threat of radicalization into extremism by identifying and advertising emerging priorities and areas of work.

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