THE CSM is a platform that furthers collaborative efforts to inform and involve Kenyan citizens in the national campaign to ensure that violent extremism conducive to terrorism (CVE) has no place in Kenya. It highlights ongoing initiatives by government, civil society and the private sector that are aligned to the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism. It also offers opportunities for national, regional and global stakeholders to network and advertise their efforts contributing to peace, security, freedom of religion, and pluralism.


The platform is supported by the Prevention Branch of the National Counter Terrorism Centre. It is a work in progress with its capabilities being built progressively in response to need and demand from stakeholders.


  •  Support the implementation of the National CVE Strategy.

  • Share progress in the implementation of Kenya’s 47 County CVE Action Plans.

  • Provide resources and support to relatives, teachers, and friends who want to assist an individual who is being drawn into radicalized into extremism.

  • Highlight emerging good practices in successfully minimizing the spread of violent extremism conducive to terrorism.

  • Increase access to CVE partnerships and support to NGOs.

  • Provide a central point for NGOs and organizations that want to work with the Government of Kenya entities to register, present their solutions and proposals for partnership.

  • Allow cohesion and mapping of country-wide CVE efforts.

  • Advance the efforts of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) Country Support Mechanism.

  • Highlight the preventive work being undertaken by national, regional and global actors in Kenya.

  • Be a resource to a global community of practice in the prevention of violent extremism conducive to terrorism.


  • Maintain forward momentum in the implementation of the national CVE strategy.

  • Review project proposals and make recommendations for their support and partnership to the Government of Kenya, and bilateral and multilateral donors.

  • Ensure that emerging practices in Kenyan CVE are legal and ethical.

  • Strengthen coordination of national, regional and international CVE efforts in Kenya to deliver alignment.

  • Support the development of partnerships among all relevant actors within Kenya, and across all sectors of society, including government; civil society; the private sector; and bilateral, international, and multilateral stakeholders.

  • Strengthen the participation of citizens and groups in addressing the threat of radicalization into extremism.

  • With inputs from stakeholders, identify and advertise emerging priorities and areas of work.

  • Identify and avail useful global resources for CVE actors in Kenya.


The Preventive Branch of the National Counter Terrorism Centre coordinates the implementation of the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism. Its work is to build partnerships that add concrete value to CVE, ensure that CVE efforts add to the security of citizens and the country, and to involve credible actors of proven effectiveness from a spectrum of sectors. The NCTC works hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government particularly in the implementation of the County Action Plans. The Preventive Branch also works closely with Governors and County Governments in the non-security aspects of CVE and in the County Action Plans. Other Ministries, Departments and Agencies involved in prevention work appropriate to the CSM are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Police Service.



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