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Protecting a friend, relative or colleague from radicalisation using practical recommendations on some ways to engage the young person on the basis of the risk they are in, consistent with risk assessment.


Be present and available to the individual or young person under your care

Every individual, however quiet or loud, needs positive attention. As much as is possible, ensure that you give the individual undivided attention when you are with them so that they can know that you care about them. For many of them, this attention might be the only thing that gives them hope to continue pursuing their dreams and to remain focused. Make a log of how many times you have been interacting with all the individuals throughout the school term, and ensure that for those that have not had a lot of contacts, you check to see that they are faring well.

Further guidance is available

Please write an email to for further guidance, to send an alert, and to ask direct questions. A team of experts on disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration will be on hand to help.

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