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Is KilaFit licensed by KKM?

Yes! Both of KilaFit’s flavours are fully licensed by KKM.

How many sachets per box?

There are 14 sachets per box. Enough stock for 2 weeks!

How to drink?

KilaFit comes in a convenient powder form. All you need to do is mix it with hot water and enjoy the delicious taste!

When to drink?

We recommend KilaFit to be taken in the morning with breakfast. This is the routine that Kila has been practicing. However anytime at your convenience is fine!

What effects will I feel and when?

KilaFit itself works in a few ways. The first effect you should feel is an increased ease to go to toilet. Secondly, your appetite may not be as strong as before. And lastly of course, is the weight loss. This will happen over time, as KilaFit’s active ingredients will help your body burn your own fat cells for energy.

Pantang Larang / Restrictions

No, all food can be eaten with KilaFit! However the best results for KilaFit are achieved when you reduce your oil and carbohydrate intake slightly.

Can KilaFit be taken during Pregnancy?

KilaFit should not be taken during pregnancy.

Any side effects?

Ease of going to toilet, and you may be more thirsty (please see recommendation below).

Any recommendations while consuming KilaFit?

Please drink a lot of water when consuming KilaFit. This will help all the processes to get faster results, and keep you hydrated and healthy!

How does it work to lose fat?

KilaFit has our very own special formulation of L-Carnitine and Garcinia Cambogia. These are set in just the right quantities in order to direct your body to burn fat cells earlier than it normally would. Therefore the result is your body burning your own fat cells for energy!

Do I have to exercise to get the effect of KilaFit?

We have formulated KilaFit to give its users the flexibility of choice. The active ingredients in KilaFit will work regardless if you exercise or not, meaning you will lose weight even if you don’t exercise! However, KilaFitalso provides benefits for exercise if you choose to do so! As it will help reduce recovery and soreness. And combining exercise with KilaFit will give you the fastest, and best results! So the choice is yours.

How much weight can I lose?

This is individual. As lifestyle changes will affect this as well (such as diet choices, and exercise). However you can expect to lose anywhere from 2-4 kgs per 2 boxes of KilaFit!