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"Excellent knowledge base. Friendly attitude. Showing how to have calm demeanor and calming conversation with the patients." - Abhi "The doctor is an extremely up-to-date and well read physician..However, what strikes me most about him is that he is personally invested in his patients and genuinely seeks to help them out even at the cost of his own time. Extremely patient and kind. It was evident that he loves to teach, and keeps in mind every students strengths, weaknesses and interests. In my case, as I told him I was interested in Endocrinology, he made sure I saw as many cases as possible and would always initiate in depth case discussions which was extremely, extremely helpful to me. He really is very student-centered, made his expectations clear from the get-go, and gave helpful feedback throughout the rotation. I really wish I had stayed longer than 4 weeks!" - Payal "The doctor provides primary care for a community and he has accumulated a good group of very loyal patients that allow students to take history and physical exams. In fact, most patients are used to be seen by a student doctor first and then treated by the doctor. The clinic is quite busy. In a typical day, there might be 2 student doctors and they take turns to take care of checked-in patient. The doctor also throws teaching points during and after the patient encounter. I found it is extremely easy to join the work force in this clinic and love the environment." - Cam


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