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An Attack? What Should You Do? | Citizen Support Mechanism

In a world full of life-threatening incidences conducted daily by humans whose mission is to ensure humanity does not thrive through making plots of shedding blood and destroying property; It is key that people should always be prepared for the worst and be ready to face and deal with these attack planners to see terrorist schemes thwarted.

As we’ve witnessed not once but on severally major city buildings, crowded places, malls, churches, and transport buses being targeted by bombers and active shooters, there is a need to be cautious whenever we find ourselves in such places to avoid being caught unawares by terrorists who are non-hesitant to exploit every opportunity to strike.

In the event you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter attack, your survival may depend on whether you have a plan or not. There are three steps you can take that can trigger a positive impact.

Getting equipped on the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT formula might come in handy in such helpless times.

First and foremost, if there is room to get out of the vicinity under attack, go ahead, RUN quickly even if others insist on staying. Encourage others to leave with you but let them not slow you down with indecision. Getting out of the harm atmosphere should be your number one priority hence you should leave all your belongings behind and seek to get out of the danger safely. Once out, prevent others from walking into the danger zone and call relevant authorities for help.

Alternatively, if running out of harm is not possible, carefully look around for a quiet, safe place where you can HIDE. Put off the lights, close the door if possible, and switch off your phone. If there is no place to hide, calmly conceal yourself behind big objects.

FIGHT is the last option in the event RUN and HIDE cannot be achieved. Whether alone or in a group, commit to taking the shooter down. Attempt to incapacitate the attacker by aggressively disarming him and improvising weapons as it is better to die fighting than to live in the cocoon of terrorism.

Finally, when law enforcers arrive, remaining calm and following instructions given is crucial.

Being aware and prepared can make a difference in your safety and survival. Always remember RUN, HIDE, FIGHT whenever you find yourself in danger.



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