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COVID Is Not Yet Over, Fight Still On | Citizen Support Mechanism

The president easing COVID -19 restrictions in the month of September was received with so much jubilation by many. Adjusting curfew hours, schools reopening, businessmen going back to their businesses, congregants back to their places of worship and getting back to our travel routines was great.

The fact that many people obeyed and adhered to the then COVID regulations is the reason why COVID infections and fatalities dropped leading to the government relaxing some of the measures that had been put in place to curb COVID -19. However, this did not mean that people should stop taking precautions to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. Lifting of COVID restrictions was made to enable people to continue working normally while observing personal responsibility by following strictly the stipulated MoH guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing, washing, and sanitizing hands and surfaces.

If citizens fail to take personal responsibility nothing much will be achieved.

The number of COVID- 19 infections and fatalities is still alarming. This is clear indication that majority of Kenyans are going back to their normal lives ignoring the COVID safety measures. Many could be seen undertaking their daily activities without masks or even social distancing. Hand washing became a thing of the past and unfortunately, we have found ourselves deep in the ocean of the COVID pandemic.

Overcoming this pandemic requires us to be extra vigilant. Following strictly the basic simple rules outlined by the Ministry of Health will sail us through this global disaster. It is not the government responsibility but personal initiative that really matters; no matter the rules put in place by the government, if citizens fail to take personal responsibility nothing much will be achieved.

Having our youth take the lead role by educating and sensitising the public on matters COVID is vital. Therefore, let us all observe vigilance and fight the COVID-19 pandemic with the seriousness it deserves



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