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Embrace the Curiosity of Children to Win Against Terrorism | Citizen Support Mechanism

I like the inquisitive, curious nature of little children that always make them stare at things grown people assume to be too obvious. Whenever a child comes across an insect, animal, or an object he has never set his eyes on before, they will observe it innocently at a distance and keep looking and pointing at it for the parent to also see what they are seeing. At times, children who have not yet mastered the art of speaking will go as far as holding parents’ or other grown people’s hands and forcibly direct them to see what seems strange to them.

Just as children will notice strange things and make it known to their parents, everyone ought to treat anything suspicious that may pose a threat to human life with curiosity and make it known to the relevant authorities.

'See something, say something' is what is required of everybody in the event one comes across a suspicious item such as abandoned luggage or even strange chemical bottles, batteries, connected wires, and metallic items never seen before as these may suggest an explosive set to explode at any moment.

It is also important to be cautious of suspicious faces and activities that you may not be aware of and report for clarification. Strange people observing buildings, entry/ exit routes, CCTV installations, and electric wires without any obvious reasons ought to be treated handled with suspicion and reported immediately. Further, persons buying chemicals, batteries, and wires need to be observed keenly if there exists no known reason for them buying the items.

Many are times authorities have been able to thwart terrorist plots through tip-offs from vigilant citizens. Therefore, observing vigilance in all suspicious situations may make a difference by saving the lives of many innocent people. Let us, therefore, stand strong in the fight against terrorism by reaching out to a nearby police station or calling 911 to report any questionable incidents we come across. You can also report anonymously through:



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