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Freedom With Responsibility | Citizen Support Mechanism

COVID-19 has been the most dreadful disease to befall mankind. Since the first reported case in Kenya, the government was swift to take various interventions that include curfews, cessation of movements, and international travel bans. The past four months full of don’ts has not been easy, though it was necessary to halt the spread of the virus.

There have been mixed feelings since the President recently eased the partial lockdown which saw lots of activities come to a standstill since the foreign virus intruded our country. Closing schools, churches, and entertainment joints were not something anyone could have ever imagined but the president finally lifted some of the restrictions hence a sign of hope that things will get back to normal gradually.

We should understand that this freedom comes with immense personal responsibility.

All citizens must understand that lifting of the restrictions does not mean COVID -19 is over rather it is a call for everyone to play a role in ensuring it does not spread further than it has. The resumption of church services and transport operations during this season calls for everyone to act responsibly while observing vigilance and treating everyone as a suspect.

On 6th June, thousands of Kenyans took to social media to express their expectation to President Kenyatta. The freedom we yearned for finally is here and this does not give room for any complacency as we are not yet out of the hooks. We ought to have our masks on, hand sanitize regularly, avoid touching our eyes, nose, and mouth and observe social distance to the latter. Most importantly treat any COVID related symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, fever, and breathing difficulties with utmost seriousness by dialing 719 for medical attention. Understanding that our victory over the pandemic will only be realized with our concerted efforts and self-discipline is the only sure way to stop the virus from spreading. Let us celebrate the head of state for lifting the cessation of movement in the four counties but we should understand that this freedom comes with immense personal responsibility.



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