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Is It Business as Usual for Terrorists? | Citizen Support Mechanism

Pic credits Shahid Atiq

In such a time where love and unity should be the glue that binds us together, it is ironic and devastating to see hate being peddled by some. A pandemic is not something many generations will experience but if you have come across someone who has been through one, they will tell you that remaining united is what pulled them through such times.

So far, COVID has proved not to spare anyone regardless of their religious affiliations seeing both Christian pastors and Muslim Sheikhs falling prey to this disease that does not discriminate. Ironically, terror groups that have over years been working tirelessly to spill the blood of innocent people have come out confidently purporting COVID 19 is a symbol of the creator’s wrath upon humanity.

Kenya will not give in to fear or the temptation to define the evil terrorist plots as a war between races and religion as the perpetrators of terror have always wished to spread.

According to an audio message recently released by Al Shabaab through its spokesperson Ali Dhere, COVID 19 is ‘A judgment’ from the creator upon disbelievers. The 28-minute audio message released on Monday 27 April 2020 called on members of the Muslim faith to delight in the ‘painful torment’ inflicted upon infidels and not to show mercy towards them because of their war against Islam as this was a punishment.

This statement by Dhere best showcases the hypocritical and criminal nature of the outfit as seen in the analysis of attacks in the last three months.

To underscore their disregard for Islam, they attacked Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) during Eid celebrations in Baidoa, Somalia, killing 5 and wounding 20, among them women and children. The killing of their own is evidence that they go against the faith and claim to fight non-believers.

Ali Dhere’s statement revealed that God is punishing the Chinese for mistreating and oppressing Muslims in China and the US for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Interestingly, Ali Dhere alluded that Somalia’s COVID 19 increasing number is being spread by AMISOM and other foreigners in the country citing that the first case was reported in Halane where AMISOM has a military base. As government’s all over the world are striving to contain the deadly pandemic their efforts are curtailed by those spreading false information and hate massages.

Despite the negativity being preached by terrorists as they strive to plot failed attacks amid the current pandemic, Kenya remains unbowed to terrorism threats and will continue to fight its enemies at all costs.

We salute our security personnel for their continued efforts to protect our borders while the holy month of Ramadhan goes on. It is indeed encouraging that our government through its gallant soldiers in conjunction with the NIS successfully repulsed terrorist plans to conduct abductions and highjack government vehicles in this season. Their increased vigilance further saw plots targeting Khorofarar Police Station detected and thwarted in time.

It is clear amid COVID 19 the terrorists globally are not relenting in perpetrating their heinous acts. In fighting the pandemic, we are not relaxing in our fight against terrorism. The terror groups are taking advantage of this period to advance their attacks. Vigilance and steadfastness are what will keep us safe.

Kenya will not give in to fear or the temptation to define the evil terrorist plots as a war between races and religion as the perpetrators of terror have always wished to spread. We have prevailed and shall always prevail over evil not allowing acts of terror to deter our resolve and determination to overcome adversity and challenges that threaten our social fabric.



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