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Kenya To Adopt A Community Approach In The Fight Against Violent Extremism | Citizen Support

The National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is seeking to adopt a community approach in deterring Violent Extremism and radicalization in the country under a new strategy aimed at combating terrorism and related terror activities.

NCTC Director Dr. Rosalind Nyawira while closing a two-day workshop on the review of the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism at a Nanyuki hotel, said that the review was informed by the ineffectiveness of the previous strategy adopted in the year 2016, but the changing dynamics of terror activities has necessitated the adoption of new tactics and approaches.

“There’s a need to refresh the strategies developed in 2016, eight years is a long time and due to the changing and dynamic nature of Violent Extremism we must come up with new ideas if we are to stay ahead of terrorists,” Dr. Nyawira noted.

She further noted that the conflict between Israel and Palestine posed increased terror threats to Kenya therefore the need for heightened vigilance by security apparatus. “Violent Extremism globally has gone virtual whereby you find radicalization, recruitment and training is often done online, therefore there is also a need as a country to regulate technology use to tame the same,” the NCTC Director observed.

Source: Kenya News Agency by Martin Munyi



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