Kibowen Chasing Dreams but Getting Nightmares | Citizen Support Mechanism

Childhood ambitions are the rocket fuel for the rest of our lives when they come from our curiosity and drive. They are the seeds of a passion that creates a life well-lived. Sadly, at times we end up not living up to our expectations.

Kibowen left Nginyang village in Baringo to study Bachelor of Commerce at a University in the capital city. Being an ambitious, well-mannered and hardworking young man with great aspirations, his entire village was indeed joyful as they could see light at the end of the tunnel once Kibowen graduates and secures a job with the government or the blue-chip companies.

After thorough questioning, their responses could not reveal clarity on what they do to earn a living, their relatives’ information and even where they came from before coming to live in Gachie.

Knowing very well the hardships surrounding his background, Kibowen gave his best in his studies as the only hope for his poor family. He actively participated in the school’s extra-curricular activities and served as a choir member in the institution’s Christian Union.

Kibowen had different friends one of them Musa with whom they always spent their free time together. They met regularly to the extent that Kibowen no longer had time to take part in the schools extra-curricular activities and within no time his class performance started going down due to Musa’s influence who frequently asked him to join him so they can start looking for money instead of wasting time in school activities. Since Kibowen held a deep urge to save his family from poverty, he felt that Musa was the best person to hang around with because of his aggressiveness in looking for ways to make money.

Musa usually went out every weekend and came back with goodies which he never hesitated to share with his friend. Kibowen was curious and wanted to know the source of Musa’s money with which he always bought flashy clads and took expensive meals from restaurants, something that was not affordable for most students. Musa offered to introduce Kibowen to his friends and from then henceforth they became friends and could always meet. Kibowen’ enjoyed being in the company of Musa’s friends too.

One day Kibowen was informed of a fishing job opportunity in Marereni Magarini by Musa and his friends with a somehow good salary for a student like Kibowen who had never earned any money before. Knowing the poor state of his background he decided to put his studies aside and join his friends for the opportunity which he believed would change his life for good. Upon reaching Marereni, they met Mr. Mohamed Ali who was to be their fishing job employer and he quickly organized for them to be transported by boat to Bula Haji in Somalia where they were to work.

At Bula