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Multi-agency approach is silver bullet in fighting terrorism | Citizen Support

As a regional power in fighting terrorism, Kenya always takes the lead in developing compelling strategies to bolster the war on terror in the country and region.

Kenya received international accolades for the successful “Operation Linda Nchi’’, military intervention in Somalia to fight al Shabaab. Kenya Defence Forces is a strong pillar of the African Union peacekeeping force the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, which succeeded Amisom. KDF is credited with capturing regions hitherto controlled by al Shabaab, pacifying the war-torn country and building capacity of Somalia Security Forces.

Being a complex transnational crime, terrorism requires joint actions from state, non-state actors, citizens and other stakeholders to effectively fight it. It is for this reason Kenyan security agencies embraced multi-agency approach in fighting terrorism in order to synergize counter terrorism efforts and counter terrorism operations for better results.

The strategy provided the much-needed paradigm shift from ‘need to know’ to ‘need to share’, to facilitate free flow of actionable information and intelligence among security agencies and other organizations to mount sound and timely counter terrorism responses.

Source: The Star



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