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No Religion Says, 'Kill' | Citizen Support Mechanism

No god wishes to see his creations destroyed by another of his creations. It would be fruitless to create then destroy that which was cherished and took time to design. Therefore, terrorism neither belongs to any religion nor any god. Terrorists are simply people who have made up their minds to disobey religious teachings of peace and have chosen to disvalue human life which is God’s most treasured creation.

Looking back at the saddening incident in New Zealand, I stand strongly to condemn the Christ Church twin Mosque attack, where 51 Muslim Faithful were massacred , while others made disabled in their Sacred place of worship by a cold- blooded terrorist who further live streamed the entire heinous incident as it happened. This and many more attacks that have been conducted in Churches, Mosques, and other crowded places where terrorists killed people indiscriminately is prove that no religion says kill.

Terrorists are people who have chosen to defy societal, religious, and cultural norms and values that condemn killing.

Even though we witness many terror attacks in Muslim dominated areas in our country, for instance Mandera and Garissa, that does not imply that all residents in those areas are terrorists. We have seen patriotic Muslims like the late Mwalimu Salah Abdow Farah who got killed for boldly confronting Al Shabaab insurgents against killing Christian teachers as they travelled in a Mandera based Bus. Furthermore, Islam is a religion that advocates for tolerance and peaceful coexistence with all of humanity, both as individuals and communities.

Therefore, it would be completely stereotypical to associate terrorism to people with a different faith, culture, or religious belief. This is because, terrorists are people who have chosen to defy societal, religious, and cultural norms and values that condemn killing.

Going back to our Traditional African Heritage, communities highly upheld virtues that were meant to encourage peace and harmony among people of diverse cultural beliefs. Human life was highly regarded and was protected at any cost. Further, there existed set up ways to punish those that committed vices that undermined community moral standards. Murderous and killers who today encompass the terrorist circle were among those who faced severe punishment to the extent of death since no community would wish to be associated with such malicious people.

Let us embrace the fact that terrorism cannot be born of religion, race, culture or tribe, but it is as a result of corrupt minds, hardened hearts, and arrogant egos of which corruption, destruction, and arrogance are unknown to the heart attached to the divine.



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