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Foiled City Terror Attack Testimony that Community Policing is Crucial | Citizen Support

The thwarting of a planned assault against Nairobi conceived in El-Adde was so much thanks to an alert by community members and the swiftness of the police.

Security sector actors are now calling for the full revival of Nyumba Kumi; an initiative birthed in 2013 but was not fully pursued and grant it the force of law.

Had their evil mission to bomb the heart of Nairobi succeeded, the terror attack could have hit the headlines a situation so much craved for by terrorists in their twisted ideology of instilling fear to achieve a certain goal. The abortive assault against Kenya’s capital city was conceived in El-Adde, Somalia, where the booby-trapped car was first assembled before being sneaked across the border.

And the key masterminds, Abdimajit Hassan Adan and Mohammed Osman Nane, have finally been sentenced after six years. Senior principal magistrate Zainabu Abdul found them culpable of planning to bomb the Milimani Law Courts. The two were arrested on February 15, 2018, after a brief fire exchange with security agents in Merti, Isiolo County.

Source: The Standard by Hudson Gumbihi



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